Corporate and Social Contributions

Maharishi Institute

Renowned for their pan- African presence and with a reputation for delivering world-class Digital CustorT Experience and Technology Services, DSC's impact sourcing solution, in partnership with the Maharishi The institute drives the education and skills development of South Africa's youth workforce while simultaneously reducing youth unemployment, a glaring concern in the country and even more so in a post-pandemic economic climate.


OSG in partnership With the Maharishi Institute, the first virtually free university in South Africa and NPO, offers an integrated Customer Experience, which seeks to drive consistent, unique, and differentiated customer experiences across complex channels. With a proven track record and industry-recognized approach to managing a 24/7 x 365 contact center, this unique solution in the management Of people, processes, and technologies ensures that we remain effective while offering flexible operating models including an occupied hour approach.


This pioneering and collaborative expansion between Digital Solutions Group (DSG) and the Maharishi Institute has resulted in a joint venture and impact sourcing solution that supports Black-Economic Empowerment, addresses youth unemployment, affordable education socio-economic upliftment, and relevant skills taught to thousands of underprivileged Black South African Youths.

4664 Global campaign

As the approved and official ITC partner for the 46664 Global Campaign, Digital Solutions Group was awarded

the opportunity and responsibility to design a world-class interactive application for the 46664 AIDS benefit concerts played in honor Of Nelson Mandela. Hosted at various locations during different events across South African and abroad, these internationally acknowledge and attended music events aimed to raise critical awareness Of the spread Of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

DSG was successful in the design, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art technology that enabled SMS messages to be sent to the 46664-text line to be displayed directly on the live on-site screens at the various concerts taking place as well as broadcast to television and on the associated website.

United Against Malaria

We designed an interactive application for the 46664 concerts that allowed SMS messages sent to 46664 to be displayed directly on the live screen at the concert, on TV, and on a website.